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Balkancar Kostov




Established in 1965 BALKANCAR KOSTOV was the master of electrical motors build-in all Balkancar electric trucks. The product list included traction, pump and servomotors for electric trucks, mobile hydraulic turbo-alternators, electrical motors of general industrial use, starter motors and spare parts for them. They wide application in ecologically clean equipment, trucks, production lines devices for everyday use stimulated the company to invest in green technologies and advanced product solutions. BALKANCAR KOSTOV exported its products to more than 20 foreign companies with capacity of 80 000 motors, half of which being used for electric-powered forklifts.

Balkancar Ruen



BALKANCAR RUEN in Assenovgrad supplied other factories with chassis units and componets from 1967, being a spacialized member of the Bulgarian industrial truck family. In the beginning the plant was engaged in the supply of parts for electrical-powered trucks service network in Bulgaria and abroad. After that, the management expanded their activties and started supplying all industrial truck assembly plants in Bulgaria.

The product list of BALKANCAR RUEN included sets of wheels with solid tyres for electric-powered trucks, flexible couplings and pipe joints for hydraulic systems, servo-brakes, etc. The products of Assenovgrad company were not unique, but of proved reliability, good technical parameters, quality and prices.

Balkancar Record



Balkancar Impex



BALKANCAR IMPEX Ltd. was responsible for maintaining the traditional partners and expanding the position of BALKANCAR in the industrial trucks market. In order to assist the customer to find the appropriate product and regional dealer, BALKANCAR IMPEX Ltd. segmented its structure to three regions. The first one covered the states of the former USSR, Central Asia and the Far East. The essentially diferent markets of West, Central and Eastern Europe, together with North America were in second region, while the third one covered the Near and Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

The activities of BALKANCAR IMPEX Ltd. were directed to the adequate servicing of the material handling equipment customers werldwide, forthe further recognition of BALKANCAR trade mark.




Balkancar Engeneering




The company was established in sixties as an institute under the name BALKANCARPROGRESS. It concentrates the scientific, research, design and engeneering activities connected with the Bulgarian forfklift truck industry.

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