Electrical wire rope/chain hoists, winches, carriages and trolleys

Balkancar was one of the worlds leading suppliers of reliable wire rope hoists for industrial manufacturers and end users and now continues its expansion worldwide. Balkancar was the biggest manufacturer of electrical wire rope hoists in Central and Eastern Europe during 80s and 90s. In its history the Company has sold more then 1 800 000 units of lifting equipment in 40 countries around the world and has 45 years experience in the development and production of hoisting mechanisms. The product range includes:

  • Stationary wire rope hoists
  • Wire rope hoist with monorail trolley and normal headroom
  • Wire rope hoist with monorail trolley and low headroom
  • Wire rope hoist with double-rail trolley
  • Explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist
Capacity 320 - 50 000 kg
(special executions - up to 100 000 kg)
Reeving 1/1; 2/1, 4/1; 2/2; 4/2; 2/1; 4/1
(special executions - 6/1; 8/1; 8/2)
Lifting height 5,5 - 88 m
(special executions - up to 120 m)
Lifting speed 1,2 - 24 m/min
(special executions - up to 32 m/min)
speed ratio - 1:6; 1:4


Electrical Rope Hoist model "T" - most popular and bestseller of Balkancar hoist production

Specifications of the standard models (single girder, double girder):


200 - 10 000 kg


1/1, 2/1, 4/1, 2/2

Lifting height

6 - 72 m

Lifting speed

4 - 32 m/min



Wire Rope Electric Hoist CT



from 1000 kg up to 25000 kg

Hoisting height:

from 6 m up to 46 m


2/1; 4/1

Working rate group FEM 9.511:


Electric motor for hoisting:

with conical rotor and built-in brake

Electric motor for travelling:

with conical or cylindrical rotor and built-in brake

Hoisting speed:

basic/micro 8/2 m/min, (at reeving 2/1)
basic/micro 4/1 m/min, (at reeving 4/1)

Travelling speed:

20 m/min


fixed, on electric trolley (normal, low headroom and double girder)


contactor control

Power supply:

three-phase -380V/50Hz



Balkancar 2015

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