• Basic clamps
  • Rotating clamps
  • Side shifters
  • Pushers
  • Fork extentions
  • Jib booms
  • Working platforms
  • Paper roll



Traction batteries

Traction batteries are used as an energy source for our electric forklift trucks, electric platforms, pedestrian controlled forklifts and others.
Balkancar is currently using traction batteries type PzS / PzSL / PzSH / PzB with bolted connectors. We are researching also Li-Ion batteries which to be embedded in our solutions in the future.

Cells of the Lead-acid traction batteries type PzS are with tabular positive electrode and pole terminals for welded or bolted connection

In the middle of each acid battery there is a ventilation cap, providing the free gas leading in process of battery work and impeding the the direct evolvement of sulphure-acid aerosols.The protection basket /plate/ protects the separator and the plates from heating.


Аккумуляторные батареи (аккумуляторы) и зарядные устройства для электропогрузчиков и электрокаров марки Балканкар (Balkancar)

List of recommended traction batteries for Balkancar products

Battery model   Voltage  





LхWхH [mm]

Appliance Recommended charger
2х40V3PzS165Ah 80 165 808х674х402 EP006, ЕТ2 80/150-350Ah
2х40V3PzSL180Ah 80 180 808х674х402 EP006, ЕТ2 80/150-350Ah
2х40V3PzS210Ah 80 210 874х678х462 EV687 80/150-350Ah
2х40V3PzSL240Ah 80 240 874х678х462 EV687 80/150-350Ah
2х40V4PzS280Ah 80 280 1018х681х462 EV717 80/150-350Ah
2х40V4PzSL320Ah 80 320 1018х681х462 EV717 80/150-350Ah
2х40V5PzS350Ah 80 350 1018х826х462 EV717 80/150-350Ah
2х40V4PzS280Ah with hangers 80 280 856х849х462 EP011, ЕТ3 80/150-350Ah
2х40V4PzSL320Ah with hangers      80 320 856х849х462 EP011, ЕТ3 80/150-350Ah
2х40V7PzS560Ah 80 560 1140х1034х537 EV735 80/350-640Ah
2х40V7PzSL630Ah 80 630 1140х1034х537     EV735 80/350-640Ah
48V5PzS400Ah 48 400 830х630х537 EV630, EV634   48/350-640Ah
48V6PzS480Ah 48 480 830х738х537 EV634 48/350-640Ah
2х40V4PzS400Ah 80 400 1026х708х627 EV638, EV640 48/350-640Ah


Spare parts

Spare parts and other services

We are able to assist you in finding all kinds of spare parts for Balkancar forklifts (new and outdated models) and other Bulgarian models.

Forklift spares Spares for D2500 and D3900 diesel engines
Tyres Cyclindrical gears
Electric motors (drive motors, pump motors) Fuel pumps
Ball joints Electromagnets
Servo-brakes Bearings
Flexable couplings and pipe joints Rotors
Steering gears Chains
Steering axes Coils
Batteries Electric panels and instalations


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